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Om Shree Sannakkirayeshwara Swamy Namaha:

The Topography, ambience and importance of the Shree Sannakkirayeshwara Swamy Temple

Preface / Foreword
Shree Sannakkirayeshwara Swamy Temple is situated in Doddarasinakere Village, Maddur Talluk, Mandya District, Karnataka. It is about 12 K.M. from Maddur (Maddur and Malavalli Road).

The history of this famed Temple dates back to more than 8 centuries ruled by Chola and Hoysala dynasties. Owing to effects of the passage of time, probably due to anarchy, the deceases or natural calamities etc., and also not to rule out the locals’ negligence, the Temple must have been deteriorated and seen lean period. The antiquity of the Temple is well evidenced by contemporary Madhavaraya Temple and also supported by a few Inscriptions.

Since many Temples small and big, of the Gods and particularly of the Goddesses it is deservingly called Kashi of the Village deities. Besides this, around 50 K.M. radius, famous Temple numbering about 20 adorn the land. All are important in respect of their historical, cultural value and divine vibration for which the pilgrims, devotees and tourists wish to visit quite often.

  • Distance from Bangalore – 95 k.m.
  • Distance from Mysore  – 55 k.m.
  • Distance from Maddur – 12 k.m.
  • Distance from Mandya – 16 k.m.

Of late, during 2006 the elders of the village and learned people consulted among themselves and discussed the revival of Sri. Sannakkirayeshwara Swamy Temple. The project was laid and a Committee was formed to chalk out the mode of construction of the future Temple complex. Later the entire concept was assimilated and recorded in the history of the Temple. Today, what we witness is the noble idea that was conceived a few years ago.

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